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Glitzy Pets by Stride Rite--Fun and Funky Sneakers for Girls

Trendy Shoes for Girls: Glitzy Pets by Stride Rite


Trendy Shoes for Girls: Stride Rite Glitzy Pets

Stride Rite's Glitzy Pets Koko Athletic Shoe

Stride Rite's Glitzy Pets line is a fun and funky line of trendy girls' shoes that really stand out in a sea of boring kids' shoes. The Glitzy Pets sneakers all feature bright colors, funky designs and most importantly, they all come with a Glitzy Pets charm.

9-year-old Anna took a pair of Stride Rite Glitzy Pets shoes for a test drive. Let's see what she had to say.

First Impressions

We are devoted Stride Rite buyers and my children have been wearing Stride Rite shoes since they were tiny. Though we love to branch out and try other labels, we always buy at least one pair of Stride Rites for every season.

The Glitzy Pets by Stride Rite are more colorful and bling-tastic than their traditional shoes. Of course, this means that kids will gravitate to them like flies to a pulsing blue light. I've got to admit, I think they are cute as well. I'm big into fun shoes for kids. Heck, they have their whole lives ahead of them to be practical. So I liked these shoes straight out of the box. I do think the little Glitzy Pets charms are sort of strange, especially since they have vampire fangs, but Stride Rite knows what kids like. Which brings me to, Anna's first impressions...

Anna loved these shoes straight out of the box. She was lucky enough to Test Drive Stride Rite Glitzy Pets last year as well, so she is familiar with the line. It's safe to say, she's a fan of the entire Glitzy Pets collection.

Anna said, "I love Glitzy Pets. They are so fun! I love the bright colors, the sparkles and the charms. I think the charms are really funny and everyone likes looking at them."

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The Comfort Report

Trendy Shoes for Girls: Stride Rite Glizy Pets

Test Driver Anna in her Stride Rite Glitzy Pets Sneakers

M. Kouzmine
My kids have worn dozens of pairs of Stride Rite kids' shoes and they have always reported back to me that their shoes were very comfortable. I had little doubt that we'd see a similar result with the Stride Rite Glitzy Pets.

Anna said, "I've been wearing my Glitzy Pets several times a week for over a month now and they are super comfortable. Even the first time I wore them, they felt great. They don't rub in the back like some shoes do. And I really like the elastic criss-cross bands on the top of the shoes. They make the shoes feel snug, but not tight. Very comfy!"

Quality Check

Anna wasn't kidding when she said she wears these shoe all the time. She's really given her Glitzy Pets a serious Test Drive. I am happy to report that they are holding up well. The charm has not fallen off. The elastic bands are not fraying. The leather is not cracking, however after over a month of hard wearing, some of the glittery bits are flaking off. Overall, we are very satisfied with the quality of the shoe.

Fit Report

Trendy Shoes for Girls

Test Driver Anna in her Stride Rite Glitzy Pets Koko Sneakers

M. Kouzmine
Anna and I both feel that the Stride Rite Glitzy Pets fit true to size so there is no need to order in a size up or down. The sneaker has elastic bands that cross over the tongue as well as a strong velco closure at the top so if you are interested in ordering a half a size up to "grow into," you shouldn't have any problem with this particular style.

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