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Top 10 Clever and Fun T-Shirts for Toddlers and Little Kids


T-shirts are a basic for every wardrobe, and kids are crazy over them. They are the quintessential layering piece and the go-to top for warm weather. But, the best thing about the T-shirt is that it can be used as a canvas to display works of graphic art, funny words and sayings, or just about anything. Be prepared to see lots of clever, funny and inspiring kids' T-shirts this year.

1. Color Theory Tees by Nina and Tom Family Fashion

These simple and tasteful tees from Nina and Tom Family Fashion are great. They are available in red, blue, yellow, orange, purple, green and pink. Their children's shirts are colorful and wonderfully up-beat. All of Nina and Tom's designs are modern and appealing to both children and adults.

2. Crib Rock Couture's Concert Tees

Crib Rock Couture's kiddie concert tees are a favorite amoungst celebrity parents and cool moms and dads everywhere. What's the recipe to their success? Take a traditional nursery rhyme, some hip hop lingo, a cool graphic, and a colorful kids' T-shirt, mix it all together and you get a totally hip CRC tee.

3. Speak Clothing American Sign Language Tees

These tees feature beautifully colored graphics of American sign language symbols and their written translations. A percentage from the sales of these shirts go directly to programs that benefit children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Style and charity all in one shirt, how perfect is that?

4. Kingsley Pots & Pans Band Tee

This Kingsley Pots & Pans Band Tee is perfect for the kid who just loves to rock out while mommy makes dinner. This soft, and oh-so-rockin' tee has that lived-in look for a cool vintage look and feel. Rock on baby!

5. Knockout Tot by Glamajama

She's hot and she knows it! Your little "knockout" will look smashing in this metallic-studded tee by Glamajama. This design is available on a white or black cap sleeved tee, or on a red and white raglan shirt. Glamajama's tees are soft and comfortable to wear, but look edgy and sharp. Glam-tastic!

6. I Love Trains - Long Sleeve Thermal T

It seems that every little boy I know is mad about trains. This tee from Fooey is all a boy's shirt should be, stylish, fun and masculine. The graphic has a lovely old-fashioned feel to it, while the color palate of steel navy, light blue, pumpkin and black is quite modern.

7. I Love Daddy/Mommy Raglan Tees

Expand your child's world with these tees that say "I love Daddy" and "I love Mommy" in Chinese! These clever tees from Ginger and Scallion are sweet and interesting. Choose from red or blue raglan tees.

8. My Mom Rocks T-Shirt

Are you an awesome mom who doesn't get enough credit? We all feel that way sometimes. Give your self esteem a boost by dressing your kid in a shirt that tells the world "My Mom Rocks"!

9. No Added Sugar Lock Up Your Daughters T-Shirt

Is your little boy the stud of the playground? Then get him this hilarious tee that warns parents of girls to "Lock Up Your Daughters". No Added Sugar is a company that makes clever kids' clothes, and this T-shirt is obviously no exception.

10. Question Authority Raglan Tee

If your little one doesn't take anything at face value, I've found a T-shirt that he'll love. The words "Question Authority" are printed in punk-rock inspired block letters. Available in several colors and in sizes 2T-6.
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