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Basics -- Kids' Underwear

Underwear : What and How Much?


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I’m sure you will agree when I say that every child needs at least one pair of underpants for everyday of the week. If you like, you can even get the ones with the days of the week written on them, but this is of course, not necessary. Try to buy cotton underpants. If you choose underpants made from another fabric, be sure that the crotch is made of cotton.
Types of underpants:
  • Briefs: Boys or girls
  • Boxers: Boys
  • Boxer-briefs: Boys
  • Bikinis: Usually for girls


Same with underpants, it is best to have at least 7 undershirts. Get a variety of undershirts depending on the child’s preferences, what the child is wearing, and the weather. Cotton undershirts are the best.
Types of undershirts:
  • Tanks: Worn by girls or boys. Best for warm weather and sleeveless outfits.
  • Short-sleeved: Worn by girls or boys. Good for any weather.
  • Long-sleeved: Worn by girls or boys. Best for cold weather.


For boys, have at least 5 pairs of casual socks in basic colors such as white, grey or black, and 2-3 pairs of dress socks. For girls, have a few pairs of basic white socks, plus several pairs of colored socks. It is very common these days for girls to have socks in all sorts of colors to match just about everything in their wardrobe. Be sure she has at least 7 pairs of socks.

Long Underwear Sets

If winter is cold where you come from, you should get your child at least one long underwear set. Long underwear sets come in thermal materials, wool, silk and even cashmere. Choose the set based on how warm you need the underwear to be, and what type of material your child likes against his or her skin. Some children are sensitive to wool, while others are sensitive to man-made fabrics.


In many European countries it is common for both girls and boys to wear tights in the winter. Here, however, it is more common for just girls to wear tights. Throughout the winter season, girls can wear tights in place of socks, even when they are wearing trousers. I’d recommend having at least 5 pairs of warm tights if you live in a cooler climate.

Training Bra

Girls develop at different speeds. Some girls are in need of a training bra far before their teenage years, while other girls can easily get by with a simple tank top. Get her her first bra either when she asks for it, or when you notice that she is beginning to develop breasts. She will need at least 2 training bras, one to wash and one to wear.
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