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Build a Child's Wardrobe Using Fashion Basics

Every child needs basics such as jeans, T-shirts, sneakers, pajamas and socks. What does your child need? Where should you shop for basics? Which brands or styles should you look for? How do you choose the right basics?

Teach Kids to Mix and Match
Teach your kids how to mix and match clothing to express their personal style and benefit your budget.

Tween Underwear and Bras
Underwear just right for tween girls, from training bras to boy shorts.

Pottery Barn Kids Mackenzie Collection of Backpacks and Lunch Bags
We put Pottery Barn Kids backpacks to the test to see how they measure up in terms of styles, quality, comfort and more.

Classic Looks in Kids' Fashion
There are some looks in kids' fashion that never seem to go out of style. Basic clothes are comfortable and practical staples in every child's wardrobe. On a day to day basis, these are the clothes that most kids wear.

Fun T-Shirts for Kids
Trend alert! T-shirts with amusing sayings and graphics will be a big story in kids' fashion in 2006. Have fun with these clever tees to express your child's personality and mood.

Say It With a Shirt--The Best Girls' T-Shirts with Amusing Messages
Say it with a shirt. Shirts with amusing phrases and words are hip and fun. Don't just think it, advertise it to the world with these amusing girls' tees.

Guide to Jeans
Jeans are like people, they come in different shapes, colors and sizes. Picking the perfect pair of jeans is finding the right combination of wash, rise, cut and fit.

Top 10 Jeans for Toddler Boys
Jeans, you’re boy practically lives in them right? They are always in style, practical and best of all they match everything in his closet. But not all jeans are created equally; I’ve searched high and low for the best toddler boys’ jeans out there.

Keep Children’s Clothing Looking Good
With proper care, you child’s clothes will longer. Maximize your child’s wardrobe by following the labels’ instructions, washing clothes gently, spot treating stains and storing items safely.

Basics -- Children's Underwear
Every child needs underwear such as underpants, undershirts, long underwear sets, tights, socks and training bras.

Top 10 Children's Holiday Pajamas
There is nothing more adorable than seeing your beautiful children dressed in adorable holiday pajamas. Unless it's seeing your beautiful children dressed in adorable holiday pajamas and behaving! Holiday sleepwear is so popular right now, I had a heck of a time picking the best ones.

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