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Top 7 Kids' Tees for Mother's Day


Let your little ones announce to the world just how much they love their mommy! Dress them in t-shirts that proclaims their love for the number one woman in their life, mom. These tees make great Mother's Day gifts from Dad. Hint, hint!

1. "got my mind on my mommy and my mommy on my mind" Tee by Tuni & G

Kids' Tees for Mother's Day
Tuni & G is a hot line of Mommy-and-Me wear with attitude, funk and style. Popular with celebs and their tykes, these tees are must-haves for Mother's Day 2008.

2. Hot Moms Club Tees

Kids' Tees for Mother's Day
Why doesn't my family dress themselves in these tees? Really, I think they should. For kids, choose from, "My Mom's a Hot Mom" and "I've got a Hot Mom". And Dads can show their adoration and respect too with a "My wife's a Hot Mom" tee.
Ok, that's it. I'm ordering these myself (and they better wear them).

3. Mom Tattoo Tee by City Threads

Kids' Tees for Mother's Day
What a super-cool way to claim his love for his main squeeze...mom. He may be a smidgen too young for a real tattoo, but this tattoo inspired tee does the job and looks darn funky.

4. I Love Mommy Chinese Tee

Kids' Tees for Mother's Day
Expand your child's world with these tees that say "I love Daddy" and "I love Mommy" in Chinese! These clever tees from Ginger and Scallion are sweet and interesting. Choose from red or blue raglan tees.

5. My Mom Rocks Tee

Kids' Tees for Mother's Day
My mom isn't just great. She doesn't just love me a lot. She doesn't simply take care of me night and day. My mom ROCKS! Or so says this fabulous shirt that any mom would proudly dress their little one in.

6. My Mom is My Hero Tee

Kids' Tees for Mother's Day
She wants to be just like her mommy when she grows up so why not tell the world about it? You'll love this adorable girly-girl tee and so will mommy's little girl.

7. I Love My Moms Tee

Kids' Tees for Mother's Day
Here's a Mother's Day tee for the nontraditional family. If a kid's got 2 moms to love, he'll love this shirt twice as much.
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