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Top 7 Birthday Garments for Girls


What will she wear on her birthday? Did you know that she has more options than just a pretty dress? Suddenly, birthday wear is everywhere!

1. Kidcosmic Birthday Skirt

This super-fun 50's inspired birthday skirt is right on daddy-o! This swingy skirt is made of 3 delicious tiers: the first tier is black with fuschia and pink polka dots; the second has lots of diner-inspired images scattered about such as pizzas, cupcakes, ice cream sundaes and slices of cake; and the bottom tier is a pink sequined, ruffled fabric. YUMMY!

2. Birthday Cake Dress By Caroline Bradlee

If you are looking for something more personal, how about a hand-crafted, embroidered, personalized birthday dress for a very special little girl. A birthday cake adorns the front of the dress complete with the birthday girl's name. And no birthday cake is complete without candles, so don't forget to specify how many she'll need this year! Choose from pink, lavender, or red gingham. A ruffle overlayed with white eyelet trims the bottom of this lovely dress.

3. Birthday Girl Layered Tee for Kids

What a way to let everyone know that it's her birthday today. This 100% cotton, pink over white, layered tee is beautifully decorated with rhinestone accents in the shape of a cupcake. She'll feel so special in this sparklingly-sweet top.

4. I'm the Birthday Girl T-shirt by Genius Babies

She'll be a vision in pink in this adorable T-shirt. This cute shirt features a drawing of a little birthday girl in her pink party dress, holding her pink gifts and surrounded by pink balloons. If your little girl is goo-goo for pink, than she'll be ga-ga for this shirt.

5. Lemon Birthday Girl Shirt

If you're going to say it, say it with style. Or better yet, say it with rhinestones. This sparkly, 100% cotton tee says "birthday girl" and is decorated with a party hat, a birthday gift and a birthday cake. She's sure to shine on her big day in this shimmery shirt.

6. Embroidered Birthday Hair Bow

This embroidered birthday hair bow is the icing on the cake! Finish off her special birthday outfit with this gorgeous hair bow made of grosgrain ribbon. The bow is decorated with an embroidered cake on one side and party hat on the other. You can specify the colors you need to match her birthday outfit. How special!

7. Adorable Originals--I'm the Birthday Girl T-Shirt

What a way to say, "I'm the birthday girl". She'll have a blast wearing this on her special day. This fun shirt depicts a happy little birthday girl surrounded by balloons, gifts and her birthday cake. The girl is wearing a 3D bow in her hair for a bit of added pizazz. Also available is a "Birthday Princess" shirt featuring a brunette birthday girl.
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