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Valentine's Day Gifts and Fashions for Kids 2012


Get in the mood for love and dress your kids in adorable Valentine's Day duds! And find the perfect gift for your favorite little Valentine right here. From bright red shoes that can be worn for Valentine's Day and beyond, to the perfect piece of starter jewelery for your special little girl, we've got great ideas that will help make your Valentine's Day extra special.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Red Hightop Basketball Shoes

Valentine's Day Gifts and Fashions for Kids
The perfect Valentine's Day accessory for girls and for boys, the always-classic, always-fashionable and always-in-demand, Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars. Get your lovies each a pair of bright-red Chucks this Valentine's Day. They'll wear these awesome kicks all year round.

Te Amo! Peek Screenprint Tee

Valentine's Day Gifts and Fashions for Kids
How many ways are there to say, "I love you?" Never too many. Bring out her inner globe trotter and show her how you love her in any language. This adorable tee, emblazoned with the words, "Te Amo," is a fun and fashionable gift that she'll wear for Valentine's Day and beyond. Hey, it might even earn her a few extra brownie points in Spanish class too. Bonus!

Gymboree's Valentine Collection

Valentine's Day Gifts and Fashions for Kids
You can count on Gymboree to always have an extensive line of holiday-themed clothes for kids for just about every holiday of the year. Thankfully, they usually do an adorable line for girls and boys every Valentine's Day too.

For Valentine's Day 2012, the Gymboree Valentine's Day line focuses on vibrant red fabrics, all decked out in sweet, little white hearts. The line, as always with Gymboree, is mix and match, so shopping is easy and so is coming up with several adorable outfits. They have a huge selection and they went all out this year adding tons of extra pieces such as swimwear, sunglasses and even underwear.

My favorite item for the Gymboree Valentine's Day line for 2012 has to be this adorable baseball tee for boys.

Pandora Bead Royal Carriage with 14K and White Pearl

Valentine's Day Gifts and Fashions for Kids
Show your little princess that she'll always be the belle of the ball, at least in your eyes. This genuine Pandora bead features 14K gold overlay and a sweet, little, white pearl. Start her Pandora collection off with this special bead, or add it to her growing collection. She'll treasure it.

La Miniatura - Toddler Boy's Striped Blazer - As Seen in IN STYLE

Valentine's Day Gifts and Fashions for Kids
Lifesize Kids by Ron Robinson
This amazingly awesome blazer available at Lifesize Kids by Ron Robinson was designed by Project Runway winner Jeffrey Sebelia. It's available in sizes 2-7. And even though it's for tiny tots, it packs a whole lot of fashion into one wee blazer. I love it.

GapKids Garment-Dyed Chinos in Coral Coast

Valentine's Day Gifts and Fashions for Kids
Pink pants for boys? Heck, yeah! These adorable dyed chinos would look fab on and fashion-forward young lad. Pair them up with some black Vans, a white tee and a lightweight blazer and he's got a look that's too cool for Valentine's Day.

Design Your Own Fashions for Valentine's Day at Fashion Playtes

Valentine's Day Gifts and Fashions for Kids
Get her creative juices flowing with a gift certificate to design her own fashions at FashionPlaytes.com. Or if you're feeling artistic, design her a Valentine's Day gift yourself, straight from the heart. She'll go crazy for it.

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