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Holiday Dresses, Tees and More for Girls 2011

Christmas Clothes for Girls 2011


Make your holiday season even more festive with some fun and fabulous Christmas clothes for girls. Have fun this holiday season and celebrate with some amazing girls' Christmas dresses, tees and more.

1. Personalized Christmas Tree Tee for Girls by Twinkling Tees

Christmas Clothes for Girls
This bling-tastic, personalized Christmas tree tee by Twinkling Tees is just the thing she needs to add a bit of sparkle to her holiday look. She'll love her blinged out holiday tee, especially if it has her name on it. This tee is customizable and is available in both long-sleeves and short sleeves, in a variety of colors, and in sizes 3-6 months all the way up to a size 12 kids.

2. Custom-Made Candy Cane Crystal Incrusted Converse Shoes for Girls

Christmas Clothes for Girls
How's this for something special? I'm crazy over these custom-made, crystal encrusted Converse shoes. Her feet have never look so glamorous! Choose from hi-tops or low-tops. They are available in sizes 2 infant to 10 toddler.

3. Gymboree's Holiday Collection for Girls

Christmas Clothes for Girls
Gymboree always has a huge selection of Christmas clothes for girls and boys. This year, they've added in some coordinating adult clothes as well, so the entire family can get into the holiday spirit together. Coordinating family looks are great for family portraits, holiday parties or just for making the holidays a bit more festive and fun.

Gymboree makes putting together Christmas outfits easy because they have a huge range of mix and match separates that include both casual and formal holiday clothes. So you're sure to find the perfect holiday outfit for any occasion. And be sure to mix in some of Gymboree's basics into her holiday looks so that after Christmas is over, those items can still be worn and enjoyed.

4. Le Top Kids Little Deer Dress with Coordinating Tights

Christmas Clothes for Girls
Here's a cute Christmas outfit that's all ready coordinated for you. So if you aren't particularly skilled at putting together creative outfits on the fly, this is the Christmas outfit for you. I love the coordinating polka-dotted tights, they add some whimsy and pop to an already adorable dress.

5. Snowflake Belted Dress and Ruffle Cardigan

Christmas Clothes for Girls
This very merry dress and coordinating cardigan are too cute for words. The silhouette on this dress and the addition of the silver belt, make it a great dress for both younger girls and older girls as well. CWDkids also has a lot of great Christmas clothes for boys.

6. Christmas Cupcakes Holiday Dress

Christmas Clothes for Girls
If you go gaga for the boutique look for girls, you're sure to go crazy over this super-sweet Christmas dress by liliputians NYC. The cupcake trend is in totally in style. Who could resist a Christmas cupcake themed dress? Not me. Your favorite little girl is sure to be the sweetest thing under the tree in this adorable, made-to-order dress.

7. Appliqued Christmas Tree Bishop Dress

Christmas Clothes for Girls
Lollipops and Gumdrops
If the holiday season turns you into a traditionalist and gets you day dreaming of times gone by, you're sure to love this monogrammed bishop dress with Christmas tree applique. This would be a great choice for holiday photos, or for an old fashioned Christmas at home. If you want to get really traditional, choose to add bloomers, pantaloons or ruffled pants to go with her Christmas dress.

8. I Heart Santa Tee for Girls

Christmas Clothes for Girls
If you love Santa as much as I do, then check out this irresistibly cute tee by Haven Girl. She's sure to get a lot of attention this holiday season in this Christmas tee. It's such a cool tee, and sports a bold black, white and red color palette and a modern look that separates it from cutesy, traditional Christmas tees.
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