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Boys' Halloween Costumes 2011

Popular Halloween Costumes for Boys 2011


Find the perfect boys' Halloween costume this year without leaving your house. I'll show you what Halloween costumes boys will be asking for this year and where to find them. It seems every year we see more and more cartoon, TV and movie characters knocking on our doors on Trick-Or-Treat night. Boys want to be just like their favorite popular character--if only for a few hours a year. But don't overlook traditional Halloween costumes like Frankenstein and zombie costumes, which have been made popular again by popular movies, books and TV shows.

Transformers Bumblebee 3D Deluxe Halloween Costume for Boys

Halloween Costumes for Boys 2011: Transformers Bumblebee
Thanks to the latest Transformers movie's timely release on DVD and OnDemand, this costume will be a huge hit with boys for Halloween 2011. Boys love Transformers, and this super-cool Halloween costume has all the bells and whistles, including head gear and 3D body armor, that will make him feel indestructible on Halloween night.

Universal Studios Monsters Lil' Frankie Toddler Costume

Halloween Costumes for Boys: Lil Frank
This classic Halloween costume just got a whole lot cuter. I adore this Halloween costume for toddlers. It's cute without being cutsey and just scary enough to make him feel like he's wearing a big boy Halloween costume.

Harry Potter

Halloween Costumes for Boys: Harry Potter

It's to be expected isn't it? I mean at this point, Halloween just wouldn't be Halloween without a visit from a dozen or two little Harry Potters now wouldn't it? Yes, Harry is here to stay especially since many kids wait all year long for Halloween, just so they can proudly sport the Grynffindor duds. With this versatile robe, your kid can dress up as Harry, Ron or any other favorite Gryffindor House member.

Feeling creative? Then learn how to make your ownGryffindor Robe

Green Lantern - Hal Jordan Deluxe Light-Up Muscle Child Costume

Green Lantern Deluxe Costume for Boys
Boys love super heroes, no doubt about it. So it's only natural that every year we see a parade of super heroes trick-or-treating, armed with their super powers and a giant bag of candy. One of this year's most popular superhero costumes will be The Green Lantern, thanks to this summer's Green Lantern movie.

This particular Green Lantern Halloween costume for boys lights up. Additional accessories are available to make this costume even more special, including a giant, inflatable fist.

Angry Birds Halloween Costume

Angry Birds Halloween Costume

Admit it, it's funny! Warning: if you dress your little on in an Angry Birds Halloween costume this year, you will out yourself as one of the millions of parents who spend hours and hours, day after day, playing Angry Birds.

Zombie Halloween Costumes for Boys

Boys' Halloween Costumes for 2011: Zombie Halloween Costume
Remember the seemingly thousands of kid vampires you saw last year? Well this year will be just like that, only with zombies. Yes, zombies have taken over the vamp trend and will be a huge trend for Halloween 2011.

Zombie Sock Monkey Child Costume

Halloween Costumes for Boys: Zombie Sock Monkey
Or, if your typical, run-of-the-mill zombie costume just won't do? How about taking an iconic childhood image and zombifying it? Just a thought.

Tron Legacy Costume

Tron Legacy Haloween Costume for Boys
Let him live out his wildest video game hero fantasies this Halloween with his very own, Tron Legacy Halloween costume. The Tron Halloween costume is embellished with reflective strips that will keep your favorite little gamer safe and highly visible on trick-or-treat night.

Bakugan Dan Halloween Costume for Boys

Halloween Costumes for Boys: Bakugan Costume
For Bakugan lovers only, the Bakugan Dan Halloween costume for boys is sure to be a hit with all of those Bakugan-crazy boys out there who just can't get enough of the latest Japanese toy trend.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 On Stranger Tides-Captain Jack Sparrow Child Costume

Halloween Costumes for Boys: Disney's Captain Jack
Here's another perennial Halloween favorite for boys, Captain Jack Sparrow. Boys love pirates, and Disney's Captain Jack is a great character for Halloween. He's got it all--an icon ride, 4 blockbuster movies and a heck of cool accent.
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