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Early Back to School Outfits: How to Come up with Transitional Outfits for B2S


Ellie in her Transitional Back to School Outfit

Transitional Dressing for Early Back to School Looks

Michelle Kouzmine
Dressing kids for Back to School posses many challenges. One of them is the weather. They want to don their new duds, but it's still hot outside. So how do you dress them stylishly yet appropriate for the weather? With transitional dressing. Learn how to mix and match summer and fall items for a perfect Back to School look.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: A Few Minutes

Here's How:

  1. Blazers, hoodies and zippies are excellent layering pieces when the weather gets cold, but for the beginning of the season, when it's still beautiful outside, they make excellent stand-ins for jackets. Toss one on in the morning when it's brisk outside and hang in your locker during the day (that is unless the aircon is cranked!)
  2. Summer dresses look adorable layered over long-sleeved tees and leggings. For a cool 2011 look, layer a dress over a pair of jeggings.
  3. Shorts are going from a summer staple to a year-round fashion statement. Layer shorts over leggings for a modern look. Dressier shorts look fab over a pair of dark or brightly colored tights. Finish the look off with a pair of boots or ballet flats.
  4. Scarves. I'm all about them. A light-weight scarf tossed on over her favorite outfit takes a transitional look over the edge from fine to fabulous.
  5. Button-up, long-sleeved shirts are excellent layering pieces, especially for boys. When the weather is still warm, roll up his sleeves and layer one over a cool graphic tee. Be sure to keep it open all day long; don't use those buttons until there's a chill in the air.
  6. Get your girl looking fun and funky with leg warmers and arm warmers in bright colors and patterns. Another huge trend this year is layering on a pair of over the knee socks and showing them off with a pair of shorts or a shortish skirt. Top this look off with a pair of under-the knee or mid-calf boots for an unforgettable B2S look. Have fun with accessories--that's what they're for.


  1. Get the Look

What You Need

  • Summer Essentials
  • A Smattering of Cool Back to School Clothes
  • An Imagination
  • And (last but not least) An Individual Sense of Style
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