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Dressing Kids for Thanksgiving Dinner

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Dressing Kids for Thanksgiving Dinner
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I just love Thanksgiving. For me, it’s the beginning of the holiday season. Of course, you want your kiddies to look their best for dinner with family and friends. So, what should children wear for Thanksgiving Dinner?

Dress Up

Being that it’s a big, national holiday with an enormous sense of tradition, Thanksgiving is a time to dress up a bit. When children and adults are dressed well, it adds to the holiday and makes it a touch more special. Kids need to be comfortable when dressed up or down, so avoid stiff, stuffy clothing that looks better on the rack than on your kids. Furthermore, keep in mind, that your children will be eating, so don’t dress them in delicate fabrics that can be ruined by some dribbled turkey gravy.

Autumn Colors

Thanksgiving, in part, is a celebration of harvest. So take advantage of the season and get inspired by the warm, earthy tones of fall. Dress the kids in rich maize, orange, garnet, browns and other warm tones.


Again, think warm and cozy and go with textured fabrics such as wool knit, tweed, corduroy and velvet. These fabrics portray a sense of warmth and comfort. Look for detailing such as piping, nice buttons and embroidery if you want to dress the kids up for the holiday.


Layers look great for fall. Both boys and girls look charming in blazers, sweaters and cardigans. These items dress up a simple outfit and can be removed at dinnertime to avoid inevitable stains. For bottoms, girls look great in skirts paired with warm, opaque tights. My favorite fall trousers for boys are a pair of soft, brown corduroys.


Your child’s adorable, well-planned outfit should be finished off with good footwear that looks nice and keeps little feet warm. Depending on the climate in your area, you should dress your children either in nice boots or moderately dressy shoes. Thanksgiving is not the time for sneakers, please.


Don’t forget about the socks. Dress the kids in fun, patterned socks in dark colors. With the exception of girls' dress socks, white socks should be worn with only sneakers, so avoid them when dressing up. Boys can spruce up their outfit with a nice child’s watch. For girls, a nice hair accessory and maybe a small piece of jewelry will make her feel special.
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