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Popular Halloween Costumes for Kids 2006

Kids' Halloween Costumes for Girls and Boys


Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer

Once upon a time, people dressed in scary costumes on All Souls Day to protect themselves from the horrors that haunted the Earth once a year. And, not so long ago, kids still preferred to dress in scary Halloween costumes as they prowled the streets on Halloween night. These days, ghosts and goblins have lost the Halloween popularity contest to Sponge Bob Squarepants, Cinderella and Elmo. To Halloween purists, this seems silly and against the true spirit of Halloween, but it sure makes the holiday more family friendly.

What costumes are going to be popular this Halloween? Well, every year, we see more and more cartoon, TV and movie characters knocking on our door. It seems that every kid wants to be just like their favorite character for at least one night. But also popular are other non-scary, cutsie type costumes like princesses, pirates and fairies.

Popular Cartoon Character Costumes
Popular Super Hero Costumes

Popular Disney Costumes
Popular Classic Costumes for Girls

Popular Classic Costumes Boys
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