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How Not to Dress Your Kids this Year

Kids' Fashion Don'ts


Kids have more choices in fashion now than ever before. And that's mostly a good thing. However, there are some kids' fashion trends and some kids' styles that we should say goodbye to forever. Most of these are mistakes made by parents, so listen up and get your kid looking stylish for 2012.

Princess Overload

Finally, let's say goodbye to the Princess Overload Look. Pink is perfect. Sequins are super. Glitter is great. But all things are best in moderation. In fact any look that is taken too far is going to get old and fast. Too much pink, glitter, ruffles, giant headbands, kids' jewelery and a pair of kiddie high heels, all mixed together is just way, way too much. Tone it down. And in ten years, when you're looking back at your kids' photo albums, both your daughters and you will thank me.

Inappropriate Looks for their Age

Sure a lot of kids out there are in a hurry to grow up, but they still need to dress their age. Mid-drifts, mini-skirts and tees with inappropriate messages on them should all be left hanging in the store. What age is the right age to introduce these fashions? That's a personal choice. And I know you have lots of opinions on the subject So let us know what you think. Tell us in your own words, I Can't Stand to See Kids Wearing...

If your and your preteen daughter are butting heads over fashion, you might need a little help. And my readers and I are always here to help you. Here's your survival guide Shopping for Preteen Clothes: What to Do When You Can't Agree

And finally, let us know how things are going in your family. Do you and your preteen agree on fashion? Take our The Preteens vs. Parents Fashion Poll

Out of Sync with Kids

While I don't advocate raising your child to be a fashion hound, I think it is important to dress your kid in clothes that will make them feel confident and good about themselves. Sometimes, it's ok to give in and buy them something special that they've been asking for so long as they know it's a privilege. Read more about in Should I Give in and Buy My Kids Designer Labels?

Ignoring the Weatherman

Kids need the right gear to stay warm and dry when the weather is blustery and cool as a cucumber when the sun is shining. I know your Momma told you to always dress your kids in layers. She was right. Learn how to do layers the right way with a little The Season's Best Kids' Shoes for Girls and Boys. So you know your kids' feet will be right as rain no matter what the weather.

And of course, every kid needs good outwear for all weather. From rain slickers to winter coats, we've got the scoop on the Best Outerwear for Girls and Boys.

Stuffy Clothes for Tiny Tots

This is a big pet peeve of mine. I can't stand to see little children dressed in formal, uncomfortable clothes. And why when there are so many adorable and comfortable options out there for kids. Gone are the days when dressing up felt like donning a suit of armor. Now, kids' clothes come in soft, breathable fabrics, and in so many styles that it's simple to find a beautiful outfit that's as comfy as it is stylish.
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