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Trouble Finding Kids’ Fashions in Larger Sizes


tween fashions for girls

Flowers By Zoe Tween Dress

Question: Trouble Finding Kids’ Fashions in Larger Sizes
I have a question! Do you know of any brands, that are like kids clothes, but in larger size? Boutique style or high end? I LOVE the Ikks, Jottum, Catimini, Deux par Deux, Oilily, Hanna Andersson style. I still fit in the Hanna Andersson 160’s and the Oilily 164’s/176’s… But any others?? My wardrobe is so empty… and I like to wear things I can’t get at the mall! But I do like Juicy Couture, Burberry, etc. If only those were more affordable. Thanks, T
Answer: Yes! I agree with you, once you head into tween sizes, it become much more difficult to find fashionable, age-appropriate kids’ clothes. I’m always on the look out. There are a lot of options online for you in this size range. My favorites include Ella Moss Tween, Miss Me Tween and Flowers by Zoe, all of which are in the same price range as the European designers you prefer.

Ok, let’s get more specific and see what we can find for you:
  • Buy Direct: tuttibella.com’s Tween Shop:
    You’ll love this site! They stock Flowers by Zoe, Ella Moss Tween, Harajuku Lovers, T2 Love, Paul Frank, Mini Fine Tween, Miss Me Tween and more.
  • Buy Direct: isabeetweens.com:
    This is a great online boutique for tweens. They stock only tween sizes and have a great selection. They have some great tween lines like Fresh Karma, Haven Girl, Pirouette, Pretty Punk, Sister Sam, Sofi and Tru Love.
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