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My Son Wants to Wear the Same Shirt To Preschool Every Day. What Should I Do?


Question: My Son Wants to Wear the Same Shirt To Preschool Every Day. What Should I Do?
It is quite common for young children to develop an attachment to a comfort item. Often, this can be a special toy, blanket or even an article of clothing. I've known several children who have gone through a phase of wanting to wear a particular item of clothing everyday.
Answer: For one reason or another, your son has become attached to that shirt, and wearing it provides him with the comfort he needs to get him through his school day.
Children often use security items to help them cope with stress. Times of major change such as moving, starting a new school, or becoming a big sibling, can cause stress in young children. Some kids deal with stress by latching on to an item that brings them comfort.
I see no harm in allowing him to wear his beloved shirt until the phase passes. Soon, he'll tire of the shirt and develop the skills he needs to comfort himself without it. In the meantime, you'll have to ensure that the shirt is clean everyday. Wash it often and buy an extra, identical shirt. More importantly, find out why he feels the need for this comfort item, and see if you can help him deal with stress in a different way.
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