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FAQ: How should I dress my toddler who wants to do everything "MYSELF"?


Question: FAQ: How should I dress my toddler who wants to do everything "MYSELF"?
How can you help your independent toddler learn to get dressed in the morning without too much fuss? Well, there's a lot you can do to make your day and toddler's day easier. By providing your toddler with a selection of clothes that are easy to get on and off, your independent toddler will be able to get dresses with little fuss in no time.
Answer: Offer a Selection of Preplanned Mix and Match Items
Give your toddler the illusion of independence by preselecting mix and match toddler clothes that are easy to get on and off. Don't overwhelm your toddler with choices, but don't make it clear to your child that you are limiting their choices either. With trial and error, you'll find a number that is good for your child. Below, I'll show you which kids' fashion items are easiest for young toddlers to use on their own.

Elastic-Waist Bottoms or Snap Closures
Elastic waisted bottoms are the easiest for small children to do and undo on their own. They slip on and off easily. However, this might not be practical for everyday wear. So look for jeans or trousers with snap closures. At first, it may seem difficult for a child to do and undo snap closers on his own, but teach him to lean the outside of the snap closure against a wall and push with both thumbs from the inside. He'll be excited to learn a new skill.

MySelf Belts

One of my favorite kids' fashion items for independent toddlers is the Myself Belt. This belt, designed by a mom, attaches to your child's belt loop with a snap-and-loop closure. Then, once it is attached, your child, no matter how young can do and undo his own belt. This is a great way to encourage independence and Myself Belts come in handy for getting dressed and potty time.
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Dresses for Girls
When it comes to easy on and easy off dressing, girls have it simple with dresses. Choose a dress that slips over the head easily and is free of button, hook-and-eye closures and tie belts. These are all too hard for most young toddlers to deal with.

Tee Shirts
Tee shirts are a breeze to pull on and off. Avoid button-up shirts and polos with buttons at the neck. Sure these look great and are still a good option for days when your child will let you help. But on those "I'm going to do it myself" kind of days, it's best to pull out a handy-dandy t-shirt.

Zipper Pulls
Add a big zipper pull to your child's coat to help him zip up all on his own. You'll find a lot of adorable zipper pulls for kids that not only make it easier for your toddler to put on his own coat, but are cute and add a bit of personality to your child's coat. Of course, if you let your toddler choose his own zipper pull, he'll like it even better.

Velcro Shoes
Perhaps the best invention ever in the world of kids' fashion has been velcro closure shoes. Now it's a snap for young toddlers to get their shoes on and off without help from mom or dad. When choosing a pair of velcro closure shoes, make sure the toe box and has a bit of wiggle room and the opening in generous enough so that your toddler is able to slip in and out of their shoes with little problems.

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