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Fashion Activity Books


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Inspire future fashion, accessory, textile, and shoe designers with books that call readers to action.

Fashion-Themed Doodle Drawing

You might want to keep a couple of these around so that you can doodle in one while your kid works in another. The process may even motivate your private tween to chat a bit.
  • My Wonderful World of Fashion - This interactive coloring book also includes historical notes and creative project tutorials, like how to dye a T-shirt and turn a napkin into a headscarf. Buying for an especially prolific artist? Add My Even More Wonderful World of Fashion to your order.

  • 32 Ways to Dress a Fox - Busy parents and little kids will love the small size of this 5x3.5 inch book. Keep it in your bag with some crayons for a fun on-the-go activity.

    Older kids will appreciate the simple format of these whimsical illustrations, which allows young artists to experiment with different media. Give them a mix of pencils, pastels, markers, paints and papers and watch the creative process unfold.

    Fox's friends, Piggy and Bunny, have their own books. If your kids move through all three, encourage them to design their own spin-offs.

Fashion Form Sketching

A key component of designing is the ability to translate ideas. These books make the sketching process accessible and fun.
  • Fashion Angels Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio - This tween-friendly spiral bound portfolio includes removable plastic fashion and accessory stencils. Designers can create stylish combinations from over 100 shapes to dress the pre-printed figures.

  • Fashion Playtes Sketchbook - This 6x9" spiral bound sketchbook is portable so designers can sketch as the mood strikes. The sketchbook also includes notes on the design process and easy to follow instructions on sketching a croquis. FP Girl members can also share their sketches on the FashionPlaytes site, which has several related activities for fashion fans.

String and Paper Crafts

  • Friendship Bracelets - Classic friendship bracelets never go out of style. This book has clear directions, all the embroidery floss and beads you'll need to complete the included patterns, and a built-in clipboard to hold the string while you work.

  • Paper Fashions - This book includes an array of stencil shapes, special papers and other embellishments to keep young designers entertained for hours. Finished looks can be displayed on tiny wire hangers.

    Extra supplies are available separately, and kids can develop different collections with Paper Fashions Fancy and Paper Fashions Fantasy.

Hand Crafts

Hand crafts are hip again! Kids can jump in and learn at their own speed with these easy to follow guides.
  • Knitting: Learn to Knit 6 Great Projects - New knitters will appreciate these simple projects, taught with clear illustrations and photographs of finished creations. The book comes with all the supplies a beginner needs: yarn, knitting needles, crochet hook, sewing needle, and buttons.

  • Made By Me - Made By Me introduces kids to knitting, sewing and embroidery, from basic primers to simple projects. The book takes a child-led stance throughout, encouraging kids to create crafty storage containers to organize their supplies and providing easy to follow photographic instructions for each project.

Hand and Machine Sewing

  • Sewing School: 21 Sewing Projects Kids Will Love to Make - These projects are thoughtfully developed with kids in mind. Step by step instructions, simple hand stitches, and basic language empower young sewers, and adult supervisors are taught how best to help guide the learning process. Full-sized patterns are included for projects ranging from cuddly dolls to hats.

  • The Best of Sewing Machine Fun for Kids - This book is another user-friendly guide for young sewers, as well as parents seeking to guide kids through the process. Easy to follow instructions feature clear diagrams and paper practice projects.
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