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Back-to-School Clothes

Kids' Clothing Needs


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Headed back to school or gearing up for a new season? Considering lifestyle factors like activity levels and laundry frequency, look over these tips to determine what to add to your shopping list.



Underwear, Socks and Pajamas

  • Underwear: 7-14 pairs


    For girls, include a couple of pairs of mini shorts to wear under dresses and skirts. Older girls will want a few different styles to better suit clothing and activities.

  • Undershirts: 3-7


    Some may wear undershirts daily while others only layer up when it's cold. For the former, you'll want to have five or more short-sleeved undershirts, and a couple with long sleeves if you're in a cooler climate.


    Whether worn for modesty, comfort or style, layering tanks are a must for many girls. If your girl wears them regularly, she'll want to have more variety in her rotation.

  • Bras: 2-3


    If your girl needs a bra, be sure she has at least a couple to rotate washing and wearing. A sports bra style is a great option to have on hand.

  • Socks: 10-14


    Between athletic styles and boot socks, most kids need at least a week's worth of socks. Determine which styles your kids need most of, and grab extras if your child is active in sports.


    Lessen frustration on hectic mornings with a sock system. Either color code the family or go for styles that mix and match well.

  • Tights and Leggings: 3-5


    Tights can range from an accessory to an insulating layer in cool weather. If your girl prefers to wear skirts and dresses throughout cold winters, you'll want to have more style options and heavier weight knits.

  • Long Underwear: 1-2 pairs


    Kids in cold climates will need at least one set of long underwear, which lock in heat. Because of their design, it is important to choose a fabric that performs well and feels good to your child. Look for moisture-wicking styles to keep kids comfortable through phases of play and rest.

  • Pajamas: 3-5 sets


    Between sweating and shedding, sleep can be a messy business. Keep at least a few pj sets in the rotation to be sure that there's always a clean pair available.


  • Tops: 5-10


    Tops are the focal point of most outfits, and they tend to get dirty in one wear, so you'll want a few more options in the rotation.


    Have a legging lover? Look for longer tops to extend her outfit options.

  • Pants and Jeans: 3-5 pairs


    Don't overbuy in the beginning, as kids may outgrow pants in one spurt. To extend wear, look for interior elastic waistbands or styles with stretch.


    If jeans are your kid's go-to, you'll want to stock up on a few different styles and washes.

  • Shorts/Skirts: 2-3


    Kids in warmer climates may want to choose shorts than pants. Look for mid-weight skirts that can be worn year round.

  • Dresses: 2-3


    If you have a girly-girl, you'll want to opt for more dresses and fewer pants.

Outer Wear

  • Rain Jacket: 1


    Consider a 3-in-1 combo, which features layers that can be worn separately or together for varying weather conditions.

  • Winter Coat:: 1


    For extreme winter weather, look for a long, heavy coat that will fit over bulky clothing.

  • Fleece/Hoodie/Sweater/Cardigan: 2-3


    Fluctuating indoor temperatures make flexible layers a good idea in any climate. Have a couple of comfortable options ready by the door or in the classroom cubby.


  • Winter Accessories: 1-2 of each


    Consider keeping a secret stash of backup gear to bail out your kids when they misplace their originals.


    If you experience serious winter weather, you'll probably want a range of accessories to meet different needs.



    • Warm Hat
    • Earband/Earwarmers
    • Scarf/Neckwarmer
    • Mittens/Gloves



  • Year-Round Accessories: 1-2



    • Belt
    • Sun Hat
    • Headband


  • All-Weather Boots: 1-2 pairs


    In warmer climates, a pair of rain boots will do the job. Kids who experience long and snowy winters will need serious snow boots, and may want more than one pair for style reasons.

  • Play Shoes: 1-2 pairs


    While a versatile pair of sneakers may get the job done, some kids require different styles based on weather and activities.


    When shopping for young kids, prioritize rubber soles and closed toes for safe play.

  • Dress Shoes: 1


    Comfort and versatility are key with reluctant wearers.

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