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Girls' Clothing Lines Every Cool Mom Should Know About 2008


Do you want to dress your little princess up in super clothes that will really make her stand out? Then get online and find the coolest kids' clothes that you rarely find in the mall. She'll look fabulous and unique!

1. Misha Lulu

Girls' Fashion
Misha Lulu
I'm all a flutter over Misha Lulu fashions for whimsically inclined girls. They've magically mixed modern design with graphics that look as if they've popped out of old fashioned storybooks. Browse their tee selection and you're sure to see some of your favorite literary characters like Alice from Alice in Wonderland and Little Red Riding Hood making bold fashion statements on these fab tees. The effect is fresh, lovely and oh-so girly in a non-fussy kind of way. I think I'm in love.
Look for Misha Lulu at:

2. Tea Collection

Girls' Fashion
The Tea Collection
Tea Collection's mission is to offer children quality clothing that "reflects and celebrates the beauty found in cultures around the world". Many of their designs are influenced by the clean lines of traditional Asian clothing. They always use quality fabrics, and their attention to detail is apparent in everything they do. Once you own a piece of Tea Collection's beautifully made fashions, you'll be hooked.
Look for Tea Collection at:

3. Crib Rock Couture

Girls' Fashion
I talk a lot about CRC on this site because they are my favorite kids' tees. And, I'm not the only person who thinks Crib Rock Couture totally rocks. CRC's fan base includes some of the coolest parents on Earth like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck and many more.
Look for Crib Rock Couture at:

4. LittleMissMatched

Girls' Fashion
"Nothing matches, but everything goes", says LittleMissMatched. LittleMissMatched is the place to go if you are looking for some fun and funky wear for kids and adults. Shop their zany collection of socks, pjs, flip-flops, gloves, tights and so much more. I promise you, you'll have a blast just looking at their interesting patterns and color combos.
Look for LittleMissMatched at:

5. Glamajama

Girls' Fashion
Glamajama is dedicated to bringing blinging baby, kiddie, mommy and even doggy wear to cool people (and dogs) everywhere. What was once a simple online boutique has now exploded into a fashion sensation; Glamajama can boast some of Hollywood's hottest moms as customers, and their lines are now available in Nordstrom's and Barney's New York.
Look for Glamajama at:

6. Flowers by Zoe

Girls' Fashion
What cool-as-can-be girls' fashion line showcases hot color combinations, fab prints, bold designs and comes in sizes itty-bitty to tween? Flowers by Zoe of course. This is a brand you'll love to love. It's got something for every little fashionista you know from your funky little 4 year old, to your hippy-inspired tweeny-bopper. Flowers by Zoe is all about mixing fun and fashion for a look you and your girls will adore.
Look for Flowers by Zoe at:

7. Small Paul by Paul Frank

Girls' Fashion
Small Paul Fashions for Girls
This year in kids' fashion is the year of the Small Paul tee. Every little funky fashionista is sporting one. And why not? Small Paul is fun, fashionable and fabulous. Who hasn't fallen in love with Paul Frank's gaggle of great cartoon characters? Julius the monkey and his friends just love helping your little girl look oh-so-cool!
Look for Small Paul at:

8. Oilily

Girls' Fashion
Exploring Oilily's quirky and magical site is nearly as fun as wearing their quirky and magical fashions for kids and women. They are famous for their use of color and uninhibited patterns. But beware, as all Oilily-crazy moms know, Oilily is highly addictive.
Look for Oilily at:
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9. Appaman

Girls' Fashion
One of my favorite kids' fashion lines right now has to be Appaman. Appaman is a totally cool line of kids' wear created by Norwegian born Harald Husum. Appaman's designs fuse together Husum's Nordic sense of style with modern American imagery to create hip, modern clothes for kids.
I'm simply in love with the edgy, yet age appropriate look of Appaman's clothes. If you are looking for artistic, simple clothes that will make your kiddos look sophisticated, stylish and comfortable, I suggest you check out this stand-out line of kids' fashion.
Look for Appaman at:
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