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Top 6 Best Looks in Kids' Fashion 2005


Kids' fashion is positively booming; 2005 was the biggest year in kids' fashion ever. From luxury designers starting kids' lines, to a new crop of online kids' clothing boutiques, children's fashion is hot. But, don't purge your kids' closets just yet, because most of the biggest looks of 2005 will continue on into 2006 and get even more popular.

1. Designer Styles for Kids

From Juicy Couture tracksuits to 7 For All Mankind jeans, high end items that used to be just for the grown-ups are showing up in miniature sizes. Little princes and divas can now dress just like their adult counterparts. These uber-cool styles don't come cheap, but for some lucky boys and girls, parents are digging a little deeper into their pockets to ensure that their kids are the best dressed kids on the block.

2. Layers and Layers and Layers

Layers dominated the kids' fashion scene in 2005, and this trend is far from fizzling out. After years of being told by parents and teachers to wear layers, kids finally started to listen. Puffer vests over sweaters, knit ponchos over long-sleeved tees, hooded sweatshirts under blazers, just about anything was fair game this year as a layering combination.

3. Creative T-Shirts for Kids

One of the biggest fashion trends for kids in 2005 was amusing T-shirts. T-shirts are a staple in every kids' wardrobe, and most kids have masses of them. Why dress your kids in boring tees when there are so many funny, creative, amusing and even educational T-shirts available?

4. Online Boutiques for Kids

The internet has taken the old boutique store and supercharged it. Just when we thought that small businesses couldn't compete with retail giants, a surge of online boutiques selling unique and quality children's clothing popped onto the scene. Now fashion loving parents and kids have great alternatives to the mass produced styles that are seen on kid after kid after kid.

5. Kids' Clothing with Dignity

It's wonderful to see new looks for kids that are age appropriate and not overly cutesy. Many kids' fashion designers finally realized that kids' clothes don't have to look babyish to look like children's wear. I really like seeing children's clothes that are youthful and sophisticated, and I'm sure this trend will become a norm for stylish kids' clothing.

6. Uggs for Kids

Just as Uggs were starting to fade away and out of fashion, they came out with some new looks for adults and for kids. Though their traditional boot remained to be it's most popular in 2005, we saw lots of other great Ugg looks on the streets like clogs, slip-on shoes and higher boots. Of course we also saw a tidal wave of Ugg look-alikes as well.
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