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Premium Designer Jeans for Kids

Designer Kids' Jeans


Designer Kids' Jeans: Rock & Republic 'Urban' Five Pocket Jeans

Rock & Republic 'Urban' Five Pocket Jeans

Courtesy of Nordstrom.com
And you thought you already spent a fortune on kids' clothes! Now, many of the hot designer denim labels have designer kids' jeans. Playground fashions will never be the same. Get a load of these designer kids' jeans for lucky boys and girls.
Warning: Prepare yourself for price tag shock.

True Religion
True Religion jeans are the pinnacle of denim fashion and now their designer kids' jeans are the most coveted of all kids' jeans. These super expensive jeans are hugely popular with celebrities including Jessica Simpson and Eva Longoria. And now, they come in pint-sized versions. Even the ultimate mini-fashionista, Madonna's daughter Lourdes, has been spotted wearing her True Religion jeans all over London.

The True Religion kids' jeans feature TR's trademark topstitched button-flap back pocket and the distressed style that they are famous for. Their unisex kids' jeans are as well made as the adult versions and just as stylish with attention to trendy cuts such as low-rise waists and flared hems.

7 For All Mankind
If you never heard of 7 For All Mankind jeans then you probably haven’t read a magazine or watched TV in the past few years. These high-style jeans are huge! From celebrities to well-dressed soccer moms, everyone is clamoring for a pair of 7s. Adult fans claim that Sevens make them look taller and thinner and therefore worth the $120 and up price tags.

Just like the grown-up versions, 7 for All Mankind’s designer kids' jeans use the back pockets to display works of thread art; each style of sevens exhibits a different back-pocket stitching including the original line and squiggle pattern. Kids’ Sevens are available from size 4 in both girls’ and boys’ styles.

Rock and Republic Kids
Rock and Republic Jeans are a favorite of adult celebrities like Britney Spears, Tyra Banks and Jessica Alba, but these rocking hot jeans aren't just for big people any more. Now mini-fashionistas and too-cool dudes can look as cool as their favorite pop star in a pair of Rock and Republic kids' jeans.

Diesel is a forerunner in the urban-rustic look. Their jeans are famous the world round for their hip yet rugged look; their collections are simply massive including not only jeans but other trousers, tops, jackets and more. You name it, they have it. All of their clothing embodies a young, urban, rustic lifestyle.

Diesel kids' jeans are just as funky and edgy as the adult Diesels. I promise you, there are no denim-like kids' trousers in this collection. Their children's collection is extensive and full of excellent, hip wear for cool urban kids.

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