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Top 9 Children's Holiday Pajamas 2011


May your holiday be festive and bright with these whimsical holiday pajamas for kids. Dressing the kids (and sometimes the whole family) in matching Christmas pajamas is a fun, American tradition that's makes Christmas morning even more special.

Hanna Andersson's Organic Cotton Print Long Johns

Kids' Holiday Pajamas: Kids' Christmas Pajamas
Every year, Hanna Andersson creates holiday printed long johns for the entire family. Their prints are fun, bright and festive, and the quality is always tops. These pjs will last all winter long and still be in great shape for hand-me-downs.

Which famous family wore all matching Hanna Andersson Long Johns for Christmas? See the photo and read all about it: Celebrity Kids' Clothes: What Celebrity Kids are Wearing

Sara's Prints Kids' Holiday Pajamas for Girls and Boys

Kids' Holiday Pajamas: Kids' Christmas Pajamas
Sara's Prints is a long-trusted name in kids' pajamas and for good reason; their kids' pajamas are always adorable, comfortable and come in fun prints. Choose from several holiday options for both girls and boys.

Personalizable Holiday Pajamas for the Family at the DisneyStore.com

Kids' Holiday Pajamas: Kids' Christmas Pajamas
It's time to get "Goofy!" Dress your Disney-loving family up in festive holiday pajamas from the Disney Store. In true Disney style you can find coordinating pajamas for babies, kids and adults too. Want to make your family holiday pajamas even more special? Then have them embroidered and personalized at DisneyStore.com. If you're really in the spirit, don't stop at just pajamas--go for the whole kit and kaboodle with coordinating slippers and robes too.

Christmas Ornaments Kids' Overall Print Pajama Set by Hatley

Kids' Holiday Pajamas: Kids' Christmas Pajamas
Hatley Store
This adorable holiday pajama set by Hatley Kids is ideal for girls and boys. These Christmas jammies are made from cozy 100% cotton rib so they feel as great as they look. I love the retro ornament print.

Boys' Snug Fit Pajama Set by Lands' End

Kids' Holiday Pajamas: Kids' Christmas Pajamas
This modern, pajama set by Lands' End is a great choice for boys. It has a cute, penguin print that isn't babyish and a strong, red and black color palette. It has been chosen by Parents Magazine as one of their 2011 Parents Picks. I agree!

Pajamagram.com's Coordinating Family Holiday Pajamas

Kids' Holiday Pajamas: Kids' Christmas Pajamas
Pajamagram.com has the largest selection of family coordinating pajama set for all occasions, including Christmas. They have whimsical, old-fashioned, long john sets as well as modern hoody sets and even footie pajamas for the entire family. Choose from a wide variety of prints, patterns, colors and styles to find the perfect holiday pajamas for your festive family.

LL Bean's Flannel PJ Sets for Girls and Boys

Kids' Holiday Pajamas: Kids' Christmas Pajamas
These extra-soft, flannel holiday pajamas are ideal for sitting under the tree Christmas morning, sipping hot cocoa and ripping wrapping paper to shreds. I love the traditional cut juxtaposed by the modern patterns. Choose from several options for girls and boys. They are available in sizes up to 18.

Traditional Christmas Pajamas for Kids at Wooden Soldier

Kids' Holiday Pajamas: Kids' Christmas Pajamas
If you want to get super traditional this holiday season, head over to woodensoldier.com where you can find ultra-traditional holiday pajamas and clothes for kids and adults too.

Or, if you are feeling extra-crafty, sew your own kids' pajamas.

Coordinating Holiday Pajamas for Girls and Dolls by My Twinn

Kids' Holiday Pajamas: Kids' Christmas Pajamas
My Twinn
If your daughter just loves her My Twinn doll, she's adore a set of girl and doll, matching pajamas for the holidays. This is an especially fun idea if she will be getting her first My Twinn doll under the tree this year. Just think how excited she'll be to find a mini Twinn, dressed just like her!
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