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Get The Ride In Style Look for Boys - Kids - About.com
The Ride In Style Look is all about looking comfortable, casual and and in tune ... Who says he has to give up his favorite surfer and skater styles once school is ...
Get the Surfer Sweetie Look: Summer Fashions for Girls
The Surfer Sweetie Look is hot, hot, hot for Summer 2008. She'll look beachy keen in these radical clothes.
Get the Surfer Girl Look: Summer Trends for Girls - Kids - About.com
The Surfer Girl Look is hot, hot, hot for Spring and Summer 2011. She'll look beachy keen in these radical clothes. Girls love this look because it's a laid back  ...
How to Get Surfer Hair - Shaggy Style for Casual Guys - Men's Hair
It seems obvious, but to get the proper surfer look, you'll need enough hair to pull it off and this means growing your hair out. You'll want the hair to be long ...
How to Get Surfer Hair Video
Surfer hair is a great look on a lot of men, and it's one you can get without setting foot on the beach. This men's hair video from About.com will show you the ...
How to Choose Your First Surfboard - Surfing - About.com
Nothing is more important to the beginning surfer than choosing the right first board. Those thin, narrow rockets the stars are riding sure look exciting, but they  ...
The Secret to Beach Hair (How to Get Those Sexy Waves) - Beauty
It's all messy and tousled and downright sexy, right? Well, you can mimic that look with texturizing spray without planting your pretty pedicured feet in the sand.
How to Become a Pro Surfer (Part 1) - Surfing - About.com
First, take a look at yourself and be realistic. It takes more than just ripping at your local beachbreak to make it. You must get out there and get some experience ...
Surf Style - What is Surf Style? - Surfing - About.com
Landlocked preppies and street kids easily purchase surf style, drop it in a sack, and leave the mall feeling like a "real" surfer. With a few well-placed stickers on ...
Photos of Alexa Chung's Iconic Hairstyles - Beauty - About.com
She's had cuts as short as her jawbone but never so long as her shoulders and she's known for her ombré hair color -- a trendy surfer girl look that's blonder on ...
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